The Raspberry Bush

This was the first fruit plant we put in. They’re supposed to be a bit invasive, but hey, that just means it has a higher chance of surviving, right?

Here’s how we got it from the nursery in April, 2012. Look close, it’s the 2 little leafless sticks in the middle there.


And here it is on July 12th – it’s grown quite a bit. But it suffered from the heat and the long drought conditions we had this year. The label said “don’t let it dry out” but I didn’t take the direction seriously enough.  This was during the year that I learned that plant labels aren’t for decoration.

Most of the plant died soon after this pic. I got smart and did some Google searches and discovered I should have read the label. I started watering it more and mulched it to keep the roots damp in between watering.


It was the mulch that did the trick – all of a sudden the raspberry found it’s feet! This is a month later on Aug 11th – much healthier.



This bush was planted in regular dirt improved with a couple shovelfulls of sand to break up the clay and a bit of sheep manure worked in. The mulch is composted pine mulch.

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