The Gazebo, Summer 2012

So we had this multi-year plan on how we were going to improve the landscaping of the house. Year 1 was build the clubhouse. Year 2 was get a good quality gazebo, Year 3 was to get a shed. Being year 2, we bought a gazebo.


Didnt it look nice! It was lovely – looked great, offered shade, kept the bugs out. A wonderful addition to the yard! The whole yard looked somehow more complete, like it was more cared for.

But we had the gazebo for like, 5 minutes, before it blew away a week after we put it up.

Yeah, thats our neighbours yard.


So the lesson we take out of this is that the pegs that come with gazebos are completely inadequate for holding the damned things down. You need to buy special screw-in pegs, or cement them into the ground.

We are still deciding what we want to do about replacing it. Metal again, but screwed down better, or just build something out of wood?

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