Growing Organic Corn

My daughter, who’s 6, decided that we had to grow corn this year.  She’s responsible for quite a few things growing in the garden! It’s doing pretty well so far, and the cobs are growing nicely.

I think it’s hilarious to have this small stand of organic corn in the raised bed in our suburban back yard.

Almost ripe corn
Almost ripe organic corn in the suburbs

I was warned that squirrels would eat all the corn. The trees in our neighbourhood are still small though,  and we really don’t have squirrels.  In the years we’ve lived here I’ve only seen a squirrel once.

Until last week that is, when I saw one running away when I went in the yard. That’s when I realized that the cobs were growing,  because the squirrel  was into them.

So I’ve lost one cob so far. I’m not too concerned – I’m hoping to get one cob each for us. As long as we get that I’m happy.

As for the corn starting to turn yellow, searching tells me it might be a nutrient deficiency, maybe Nitrogen. We’ll see if some fertilizer can fix it.

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    I only see posts up to 2014. Are you putting out new posts?

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