Canada Blooms 2016

Like every year, we went to Canada Blooms, to buy seeds and to see if we can learn anything new.

The first thing we saw was a very fancy backyard chicken coop. OMG would love to have fresh eggs every day. But chickens in the backyard? Yeah, the neighbours would love that. LOL, so would my German Shepherd.

That's a Fancy Chicken Coop
That’s a Fancy Chicken Coop

There were some really nice ponds and waterfalls, I especially liked this one:

Nice Pond
Nice Pond

And this interesting one flows through a piano, which is impractical but somewhat neat. It’s just… after years of piano lessons I can’t look at this without feeling bad for this piano. What’s its story?

Is that a waterfall in a piano?

But this one by Genoscape really took the cake – it had a path that curved over a river a few times, and a waterfall that actually ends in the gazebo. I could have sat there for hours just watching the water disappear, it was mesmerizing. The force of the water was so strong, it was amazing just to watch it disappearing into the floor.

This waterfall ends inside on the floor of the gazebo
This waterfall drains on the floor of the gazebo

We watched a talk by Sean James, a Master Gardener and consultant, on “Maturing the Landscape”, which was really interesting. I picked up several tips from his session including:

  • Evergreens spread wide because ice drags them down – trim them before winter
  • It’s OK to cut a serviceberry to the ground if need be
  • Don’t till the ground, just spread compost on top and let nature pull it down
  • Prune in the spring to promote vigor, prune in fall to stop vigor

But this tip was the best by far:

Tip to make trees healthy from
Tip to make trees healthy from

I also liked this pergola type structure – I’m sure I could make something like this without spending too much money. It’s very pretty.

Neat Natural Branch Pergola
Neat Natural Branch Pergola

And finally – Serviceberry! Because… Serviceberries

Serviceberry, just because
Serviceberry, just because


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