Growing Organic Corn

My daughter, who’s 6, decided that we had to grow corn this year.  She’s responsible for quite a few things growing in the garden! It’s doing pretty well so far, and the cobs are growing nicely. I think it’s hilarious to have this small stand of organic corn in the raised bed in our suburban back…

Chester Blackberry Bushes – Yum!

I love growing things that have a practical purpose, along with being beautiful. So we have many fruit trees and berry bushes in the yard. One of the best buys I’ve made so far has been the Chester Blackberries.

Fruit Trees in Bloom

The weather is beautiful this year, and the pear and apple trees are in full bloom. Well, the Bosc pear is in bloom, the Bartlett isn’t doing much yet, but it’s the first spring in the ground, so I won’t complain yet. The trees look beautiful side by side, the picture doesn’t really do them justice.

The Pear Trees

When we got the house, we really wanted to grow as much of our own food as possible, within the limits of it being a fun hobby and not a second profession. And to me, that means fruit trees! Fruit trees are awesome, because they grow on their own, they dont need a lot of…

Tomato Sickness (2012)

It’s a very hot year, and many of the veggies are suffering. Also, I probably planted everything too close together. It’s easy to underestimate how much room veggies need when they are small. In any case I think the tomato plants probably picked up a fungus, which is what the garden center suggested.

Veggies from the Garden 2012 July

It was really exciting when we got our first things out of the garden. The Boston Lettuce was first, along with the Kale. We picked a few cherry tomatoes along the way, but here was our first real harvest of tomatoes – on July 12: